Why choose us?

Diamond Diesels is one of the known and reputed industries amongst the province since a long span of the era. It has gained this fame by the efficiency and quality of products manufactured.


The product manufactured at Diamond meets the national benchmark i.e. the products here are ISI verified and certified which assures that the product confirms the Indian Standards mentioned by ISI.

Diamond Diesels has achieved cost-effectiveness to a level. The product supplied has reasonable rates in comparison with other dealers in the province. The cost-effectiveness is achieved by the cautious use of components and also by optimum utilization of the funds.

The product manufactured here at Diamond undergoes various kinds of testing. A performance test process safeguards the product to be durable, wear and tear-resistant so that it can be resistant towards environmental conditions.

All the equipment handled ensures efficiency and authenticity to an extent.


We practice rigorous quality control measures for all our products. Here at Diamond Diesels, the quality control undergoes various tests of various equipment under the supervision of CCTV cameras. The products are tested for better working conditions, defects in assembling parts and other internal or external defects.

Quality Objectives:
At Diamond Diesels, we try to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Maintain quality according to the norms given BIS.
  2. Improve the manufacturing process and scale down the rates.
  3. Train the employees through various training.
Quality Maintaining Process:
All the important manufacturing steps from the composition of materials to its dispatch are all inspected and supervised under CCTV cameras by professionals.

At Diamond, various types of equipment are used for testing of the product like Load Weight, Burette for Diesel consumption level, Pyrometer for maintaining temperature, Pressure Gauge for maintaining oil pressure, Deco meter for referencing RPM, Hydrometer for load measuring.

A tough packaging system is followed which includes packing in a wooden plank box which allows it for being exported to different areas.