What we do?

Diamond Diesel is a leading manufacturing industry for the manufacturing of various breeds of Diesel Engines, Pumping Set, Digi set, etc. Various ranges of products like diesel engines, submersible pumps, pump set, diesel generators, etc have been the main product lines of Diamond. Many new versions of the above-mentioned engines have been introduced by Diamond which is gaining a satisfactory response from the buyers.

Every part of the machine at the factory goes under various rigorous tests. Firstly the machine parts are well inspected. Inspection of engine parts is the process of measuring, diagnosing and correcting the manufacturing error. Here at Diamond, each part is inspected for the following reasons:

  1. Improved yield
  2. Less re-work of parts
  3. Increase machine up-time
  4. Standardization
  5. Less wear and tear on your machine

After calibrating parts the product parts are washed thoroughly using streamline jet spray.  The washing takes place in a specific area of the factory. Then assembling of parts takes place. The product is tested using different techniques and various parameters such as Load bearing capacity, Diesel Consumption, RPM  validation, etc are kept in mind. The product is colored and dispatched to the intended user.